“Most people have no idea what’s in their pets food. Our all natural pet food and treats are tasty and healthy. Customers who buy from us have pets that live longer and are more healthy.”

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Normal Active Dogs

For dogs with normal activity level we recommend feeding around 2% of the dogs body weight per day.  For two feedings, cut the amount in half and feed equally at each feeding.

2% Total body weight

Vigorous Working Dogs

For working, performance and highly active dogs we recommend feeding 6% of their body weight.  For two feedings, cut the amount in half and feed equally at each feeding.

6% Total body weight

The TEFCO Story

Today, countless experts proclaim the benefits of feeding raw. There are numerous articles and examples citing the many reasons to make the switch to a “Biologically Appropriate Raw Diet”, from increased health and vigor to improved fertility and higher litter counts.

Our products are the result of over 40 years of dedication to supplying breeders, enthusiasts, and professional zoo veterinarians a safe nutritious diet for their pets.  In an effort to meet the needs of those breeders and enthusiasts who wish to feed their animals in the way nature intended we provide for you the following products.

For product listings, please click the link below for a complete offering of all our raw diet products.

Puppies Up to One Year

Puppies can be fed up to 10% of their body weight.  We recommend breaking the daily food amount into three to four feedings.  Weight your puppy regularly to maintain growth rates.

10% Total body weight

Performance Dog

Beef, Tripe, Trachea, Finely Ground Bone, Salt, Egg & Trace Minerals

Protein > 14%

Crude Fat = 10%

Crude Fiber > .85%



USDA Inspected 100% pure muscle meat beef

Protein > 18%

Crude Fat = 2%

Crude Fiber > .5%


Green Tripe

100% Coarsely ground raw green tripe

Protein > 16%

Crude Fat = 12%