Patty Mclifton

My finicky dog ate maybe two meals a week (of twice daily feedings). Once I started my dogs on Tefco Tripe and Performance Dog, this finicky dog began to eat every meal and has not stopped since. Tefco raw food is much better quality, and I am confident my dogs are consuming healthy food. I see the difference in the show ring too, for my dogs coats are more shiny and naturally black compared to most of the competition (who have to add tons of product to get shine).

Northwood Boxers

“We studied several plans and decided to make our own meals because we felt that this was the safest and healthiest approach. After a few months our Boxers were not flourishing as we thought that they would. Our litter numbers dropped and we just did not see any difference in our dogs. We decided that since we were not animal nutritionists we should not be trying to design our dogs diets and after more research we found Performance Dog by Tefco. Our Boxers are THRIVING on this diet!”

Patrick McDonald

I wanted to let you and your potential users of Performance Dog know that I have used it for well over twenty years with nothing but fantastic results. I have been active in the dog world as a professional handler, breeder. Schutzhund, and K-9 instructor for law enforcement. Working dogs have been my passion since 1972 and I can assure anyone looking for the best health and performance in their dogs, these raw products fill a critical role in any kennel’s breeding, training, and nutritional program. I address this to potential dog enthusiast users since I know all who have used it for any length of time already know the value of this food.

Thank You!