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How Does Raw Help?

-Clean and scrubs teeth

-Reduces gum disease

-Less chronic inflammation

How Does Raw Help?

-Healthy Coat and Skin

-Better Digestion

-Robust Immune System

How Does Raw Help?

-Protects Sense of Smell

-Better Train-ability

-Increased Longevity

“Dogs and cats never mastered fire.  Their natural approuch to food is raw, and why not?  A raw diet is an excellent source of high quality nutrition that can’t usually be found in commercialized pet food”

– Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins, Esq.


Oral Health

“By three years of age, most dogs and cats have some evidence of periodontal disease.”

-AVDC (American Veterinary Dental College)

Meanwhile wild animals rarely, if ever suffer from gum disease.

What is the difference? Diet.


“Dogs and cats on a raw diet enjoy a glossy coat, healthy skin, lean muscle tone, a robust immune system, sweet-smelling breath, healthy teeth and gums, increased energy, better digestion, a strong heart and more energy.  They can be expected to live longer and to suffer less illness and disease.” 


“Healthier, Happier dogs live longer [when fed raw] and in the case of working dogs, they’re easier to train and work better. “

“For police, army and customs dogs working well depends on a highly trained and efficient sense of smell.”

-Dr. Tom Lonsdale